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Aug 20

I remember

I see
A sandy morning sun
Falling gently
On dreams
Slipping away
And soon forgotten

I am the wildflower in your backyard

the one with the ocean petals

that’s in love with the sun

grateful and undeserving

merely a weed among a garden

that soaks the sun before the set

until I smile at you and go to sleep


With narrowed eyes

I glare out the window


by the harsh beams of light

that glare back at me.

My ankles fidget

Shoulders lean forward

to see the unknowing plane

fly innocently overhead

and my bike

leaning unforgotten

against the rotting fence.

I stumble back


In a whirring machine

that screeches and shudders

and thumps on the door

Can I come in?

Worried eyes flit my way

Take it easy

Like a fragile possession

Teetering on the edge

Crowds gather to catch

My faults

Walls bind me

Embracing me in darkness

It settles deep inside

and warms my tears

but nourishes my fears.

 H. Horner


I’ve got scars
But yeah don’t we all?
It’s all been said before

We didn’t get far
But it was a far way to fall
It was disaster galore

I’ve got these scars
Reminding me of you
This isn’t a flesh masquerade

Frequent the bars
Drinking blurred hues
Stumbling along to this black parade

I’m damaged goods
But at least I know
I’m not faking it through

Maybe you should
Have thought before you go
And fake it the way you do

That’s what got us here

My Boss



Running Peaceful,
Always changing,
Babbling and Burbling.

I see the sea at the heart of
this jewel blue Stream…
Such adventures.
I wonder.

It seems to Glitter on the surface,
Reflected Beauty,
I have seen Nature,
in all her Glory.

A Little Story that Rhymes

you must be a figment of my imagination…

…or were you just a pigment in simple coloration?

in this case it must be black or white…

…either you love me or you don’t like day and night

but some whisper inside tells me you are true…

…just as your eyes and the deep skies are blue

for me to have fallen so hard is unlikely…

…at the time i was a non-believer, love was unsightly

unless it was all a lie and i am so gullible…

…but i never dreamed i could be so lovable

you were the glance that caught my attention…

…before i knew it you came into my direction

and when we were together you stayed awhile…

…the kind that lasted for hours and ended with a smile

somehow you surprised me everyday…

…with how you listened and what you had to say

even the silly thoughts i had mumbled…

…my words were not something that over you stumbled

after very few months together we grew in proximity…

…you dared to ask me “Don’t you think it’s meant to be?”

Soon after that we fell completely apart…

…either you love me immensely, or wanted to destroy my heart

you showed me color in a world so gray…

…we exist no longer but that color never washed away

And I still believe our souls exist together in infinity, 

Even if our bodies were never meant to be

- my name rhymes

It Always Feels So Easy

It always feels so easy… 

To just sit here and be nothing, feel nothing. 
To lie awake and stare at the ceiling, 
Just counting the minutes for the night to settle in my body 
And for my eyes to close temporarily, 
Before they learn how to close forever. 
To wrap myself up in this blanket of lonely apathy, 
Of emotionless introversion… 
Such a perversion of the self. 

It always feels so easy to have a dreamless sleep, 
Or to not sleep at all and just think; 
Think about the times when smiles didn’t have to be forced, 
When tears actually existed because there was genuine sadness, 
Instead of a void. 
This void. 

It always feels so easy to embrace it. 
Embrace the quietness, the dark, the melancholy. 
Play some ugly music with hysterical vocals and messages of hatred. 
Something with a piano. 
Something more emotional than what I can be. 

It always feels so easy to not be human, 
To not feel the ability to love. 
To not care about anything, not even myself. 
To think about death and not wish for it to come soon, 
But not run away from it either, 
Always pouring that extra drink, 
Smoking that extra joint, 
Cutting that other wrist that still looks too pretty. 

It always feels so easy. 
But I’m choosing the hard path. 
I’m choosing to fake the happiness, 
To act out the compassion, 
To dance and trance myself out of this hole I call a life. 
I’m choosing you over me and all of them over the two of us. 
I’m choosing to cry again for no reason 
And for all the reasons I can’t write, 
I can’t say out loud. 
I’m choosing to scream until I have no voice. 

And then, the silence won’t be so heavy. 
It won’t matter as much. 
The silence will just be that invisible rope 
Tying us to one another 
And making us feel alive. 
Making us feel human. 
I’m choosing to be human. 

Because it’s not easy, 
Because it doesn’t have to be. 
Because before a shadow, there is always… light.



Her eyes are rimmed

With blackness

Her hair a faded

golden hue

Her clothes sparkle

and glitter in the light

But in the dark 

They are cheap 

And falling apart

She smiles twisted frowns

And silently looks


Praying for a escape

Don’t be fooled

By the light 

for it is all fake

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